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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Really Friggin' Mad

I shoulda fuckin' listened to my scooter mechanic. He said my new shock was a bit too long to put on my bike, and he didn't really explain it WELL enough thanks to his broken English so that I'd realize that parking my bike would be volatile, and I shrugged off the too-high thing because I thought it'd be nice to have an extra inch clearance when going over bumps.

WELL. Tomorrow I'm going back in to throw more money at the fucker to change it back to my old shock, which should really be replaced -- but that'd cost $100, and that's money I can't afford to spend right now. Pretty pissed. I'd bought the shock a couple years back from a guy I know who bought one for his bike -- the same as mine -- and was all thrilled he only paid $30 for his online and offered to sell me the other one he'd bought for the hell of it.

Jesus. I'm just mad. I should've listened to him, and now I'll have blown $70 on installs that could've been spent on new clothes I really need for work.

What was supposed to be a really nice weekend is shaping up to be a real downer right now. Sigh. Blah. Mad Steff. Mad at myself and a little bitter he didn't drive the point home hard enough for me. He should have just refused to install it -- it's friggin' unsafe as it is. But I'll get it fixed in the morning. Whatever.