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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lush Alert! Bad Steff!

I bought some Hardy's "varietal reserve" shiraz tonight, which at $8.29 a bottle is a hell of a deal. I drank too much tho. But I work at 11, so I can sleep in. Ergo, who cares?

Today at preschool the kids began taking home their papier mache "dinosaur eggs" in honour of paleontology month. Miss Steffani (that's me!) was joking with all the kids I caught exiting sans other kids, and I'd ask, "Are you gonna scramble your egg for breakfast tomorrow?" In horror the kids would respond, "No!"

"Well, that's pretty wasteful! There's a whole lotta yolk there!" I'd say. The kids and their folks would invariably snicker and laugh. I'd wander off, all pleased.

Tomorrow, I start photographing the classes and such. I'm aiming to make the ho-hum boring website into a pretty rocking place. The text is already shaping up to be highly readable and very personality-riddled, which the school definitely deserves. They offer curriculum *I* can be proud of, with highly-decorated faculty, so it's pretty cool to contribute to their well-being. If it was some shitty little school, I wouldn't care, but it's not. The teachers are incredible, the owner is a three-time woman of the year award-winner, and the facilities are beautiful and serve their highly-reputable name. Why the fuck not do them proud?

You know, I was looking forward to last week because it was spring break and I believed I'd get so much done. I was pretty stoked about it. Ironically, the week came and went and I got the same amount done as ever, and I missed the hell out of the kids and the social-group parents that would gather from 9-925, 11:30-11:55, 12;25-12;55, and 3:10-4:15. It's FUN with all the kids and their folks. It baffled me that I was more stressed without the chaos than I was with it!

And today I managed to do a hell of a job on a few of the web pages. Sure, a few mistakes slipped past me, but I reviewed my work in the sanity of my bedroom tonight, and I know what I need to fix first thing in the morning. Thing is, though, is that I'm limiting the amount of questions I'll have to answer in the future because folks will be able to use the site as a reference point instead of the bare-minimum of advertising it has been. My web work? Fucking AWESOME compared to the mind-numbingly boring text that was before. Nevermind the total lack of aethetic that existed before. It's a fucking art school! How can the website lack aesthetic?! Good god! But never you mind. I'm on the case now, honey. It's getting sexed-up aplenty.

I'm pretty pleased with my contribution, and I'm only going to improve. I had a very rewarding day today, all the chaos and stress aside. I enjoyed myself. It was good. Kids were fun. Parents were cool. I'm enjoying how so many parents are telling me how helpful and refreshing I am, and I love how the kids make a point of stopping at my desk to say hi & bye as they enter and leave. (Insert shit-eating grin here. Really. I'm as smiley as can be as I think of the little people who like me at work. They're so friggin' cute, and such an antidote to the cynicism of the real world.)

But, really, parents are THANKING me in writing for my helpfulness. They keep saying things like "you've been so pleasant and informative to deal with, and I really appreciate it" and I feel awesome as a result. It's wonderful. I've always felt appreciated at my last job, but that was by the same people all the time. This is so different. It's a good thing. I've always loved being appreciated!

Anyhow. I'm counting the minutes, practically, until Friday. Then I'll finally be able to buy my three-month membership for the gym that's a block and a half from work. Can you say four-days-a-week-workouts? I sure can. $61.50 for three months, to boot. Gonna buy a few workout clothes if I can budget it in with the pay period (given that I'm doing much-needed repairs to my bike, including a new tire, on the weeked) because I need the pride. Ahem.

Hiccup. Good cheap wine. What a fabulous thing. Off to bed I go! I'm gonna be in a world of hurt in the morning, too. I've been weightlifting all night and went for a three-km walk/jog tonight. Soon I'll be feeling pretty damned good.