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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Um, Hi, I'm Steff, And This is My Blog

I should write but I have little to say. I've been a busy bee at work this week.

My back and body is arguing about the exercise I've been doing. I'm getting mini-spasms all over my back, so I'm taking a break today and tomorrow in order to stretch it all out and will resume Saturday. My scooter goes in for repairs, so I'll rent a bike and ride the sea wall for a couple hours as I wait. Better than spending $8 or 10 for a coffee and a bagel, eh?

My friend's getting my bike fixed up this week, too, so I'll be able to cycle from work soon. I'll throw my bike on the bus before work and then cycle home, about 17 or 18 km along dykes and water -- bliss. I'm sure to really enjoy that, to be honest. The first couple times will be a chore, but I should be all right. Looking forward to renting a bike on Saturday. :)

Grey's Anatomy is on in a few minutes. Yay. My patty melt that I made for dinner (on homemade bread with caramelized onions) is heavy in my belly in a good way. Yogurt will soon follow. I've had different yogurts in the past, but this "Activia" that Danone is pimping really seems to do a lot for my digestive system. What a difference. It may have some gelatin in it, but that stuff's really getting my system working on a good schedule and seems to even help me sleep better. Weird. Just one of the small things I'm doing on this health kick. Aside from patty melts, that is. Ahem.

Tomorrow, work, followed by beers with the coworkers. Then: A weekend with no obligations other than the scooter repairs. Yay. Fuckin' time to have a weekend for me.