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Saturday, March 24, 2007

People Spotting at the Game

Sat behind Colin Cunningham at a hockey game tonight. (Giants won 5-4 in sudden death overtime after their fucking goalie gave up four goals in SEVEN shots. The backup closed the door and gave our guys the chance to get back into it -- and, boy, did they. But then they outshot Chilliwack something like 35 to 10, so, go figger. Great win.)

Colin decided to amuse some kid sitting next to him when the dad wandered off for beer -- he did magic tricks with coins and wowed the little tyke. It was pretty cute. I've always loved Colin's work -- he's one of those solid "b" actors you always recognize but never know who it is. He's like a chameleon and can do any role he chooses, from Best in Show and Sixth Day to little odd films and television standards. But he seemed like a pretty cool guy. Nice to see my suspicions were right.

Nice ass, too.

(Rumour has it he had a small cameo, uncredited, in Little Miss Sunshine. I don't remember, but we'd smoked a joint for it, so I'll have to go back and look. Ahem.)