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Thursday, March 22, 2007

yawn, yawn, and more yawn.

i slept for nine hours after a long, nice dinner with my boss, her husband, and her sister. i'd done a resume for her sister last month, a very accomplished violinist trying to get into one of the continent's preeminent Philharmonics, and the sister wanted to thank me and took me to dinner. the boss & hubby tagged along.

i had scallops & baby artichokes for tapas, steak'n'frites, and finished things off with an espresso creme brulee. very decadent stuff. oh, and wine. mustn't forget the wine.

but i'm that tired-well-rested this morning and would love to stay at home and relax, but i have a long day ahead of me. i'm supposed to have a date, but i suspect i'm blowing that off tonight. i'll probably be working until 7 or so, as i have the day off tomorrow and want to finish my week off with lots of accomplishments.

i'm redoing their website, which is tedious stuff, but my mad skillz are impressing the shit out of the boss. huzzuh. i'd be stunned if the end of my probationary period came without a raise. i mean, really. but we'll see.

i'm outtie. time to make eggs.