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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Laundry and ragu. This is my night. I'm making a pot of beef ragu. It's delicious so far. I'll have dinner soon. It's got a lot of zip and flavour. I'm excited. Dinner will be fabulous.

I picked up my new camera today. Holy smokes. It lacks only one feature I wish it had off the old camera, but has SEVERAL that the old camera lacked. Namely:
Old one? 7.1 megapixels. This one? Ho! 10.0 megapixels!
Old one? Adjustable focal point. This one? Manual focus!
Old one? Half dozen settings, including manual. This one? All the old settings, plus the "Scenes" scenarios. For example, "Indoors" or "Fireworks" or "Foliage" or "Kids and Pets" and "Underwater". (They all have different colour and lighting settings. Very cool!)

This thing's a coolies little gizmo. I'm truly looking forwards to tooling around my work 'hood after work on Monday and Tuesday, getting a few shots of the local heritage sites that are walking distance from my offices.




And and and and and and and and and! Future Shop has a TWO GIG memory card on for $49.99, regularly $119. I'll never have to empty it! Score! I'll be picking one of those up on payday night, that's for damned sure!

So. Things are looking up. Cameras have