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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Everybody Feng Shui Tonight!


[Insert Beethoven's Ninth Here]


I cannot tell you how much I have always hated my bedroom! Oh, have I!

But I have finally figured out a layout that works and is inviting to others. It's spacious; it's organized; it's sensual; it's practical; it's uncluttered!

I walk in, and it's soothing. I cannot believe how nice it feels to be in here. I think I'll actually enjoy writing and podcasting now.

I'm not completely done, but I'm going to spend my night watching television and cleaning between commercials and during lame plot-failing moments. Heh. No judgment there, eh?

I've always felt uncomfortable in my own bedroom. It struck me as really tragic, you know? But now, wow, I think I'm gonna dig this. My lighting is awesome -- two soft golden lamps. One a caramel-tinted stained lamp (1930s art nouveau/classic style, sorta, and a faux Moroccan lamp thingie with a golden hanging fabric shade with a bead tassel at the bottom).

The train's tooting on its way past and it's on the verge of six on a Sunday night. Traffic's whipping up the still-falling rain on the roads, so there's a constant whooshing sound in the background.

It's nice. I haven't enjoyed just sitting around and writing for a long time now. Like my life, I've been in chaos. I really do believe that, hey, you can't control your world, but you can establish control of your place in it -- your home.

My desk isn't by the window now. I can still turn and look out, but I want some more inspirationg. Thus, I'm going to take a look at my photography and decide on four to six of them best suited to be framed here in the room. Mount them around the mirror on my accent/writing wall. Something to stare into and get lost in. I do that a lot. Trances are a good time. Meditative. We all have our methods.

I really have a pretty amateur, but sensational writing desk. It deserves to be better balanced against this nice chocolate wall of mine. I did a bad kinda thatch faux brush finish on it. I didn't have glaze in the paint, so it sort of bled together, but one can still see some texture there. Just not much. Heh. The desk is this design I found in a book called Pad: The Guide to Ultra-Living. It's the first decorating book that had to come out with a party guide. It tells you how to make a bamboo bar. Heh. And a coffee table out of a surf board, which I'd seriously like to do!

The desk is three pieces. Two two-door verticle filing cabinets, at either end. The table top itself is 7 feet 4 inches long on the top. Then, the bottom's about five feet long. The bottom's sandwiched to the top by way of three 4" long strips mounted perpendicular to the top and bottom. In there I slide all my Ikea storage boxes, paper clips, things like that. The wood is this beautiful sheet of maple 1" ply. I stained it a honey-golden brown stain, and the grain is just gorgeous. I saw a couple guys last year who were woodworkers and just loved the wood I chose. The grain's just bootiful, and my staining is flawless and smooth, too. The table's far from perfect but it's bad in those "clearly it's homemade" but "good effort" kind of way. Heh.

And I cleaned it with Murphy's Wood Oil soap tonight so now it smells sweet-ish. Mmmm!

I really cannot stand working in a mess. I despise it. But I have been procrastinating sooooo long with this. I've wanted to do this ever since about three months after the purchase of my desk. I can't believe I never thought of this arrangement. How dumb of me! But now I have and I still feel briliant. If I had a party, I'd now feel comfortable letting people talk in here. It'd mean 5-7 more people could hang out. Ha! Like that party's gonna happen. Not till I have a good job!

Anyhow. I'm making chicken pot pie. The only thing missing is a glass of wine. I'll think of something. I'm glad I've decided on having some "me" time for a change. Know what? I bet I'll even read in here for the first time in two years soon. That'll be wonderful. Whatever shall I choose?! Oh, bother. :)