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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Here I Be

So, I get home after yet another long, long day this week, and I find four messages on my machine, one from my dad.

"Are you okay? I see you haven't blogged in a couple days. I worry when..." Yada, yada, yada. Heh.

Sorry, Dad, small matter of having a life. We can't all be retired, you know!

Tee hee hee. Cute. Fun.

I went to my married friend's house and made his wife and him some pasta for dinner, then played with their sickeningly adowable little 7-month-old baby. Nothing like being able to act stupid on purpose. I'm a natural with babies and kids. They just love me to bits. What's not to love, hey?

God, it's a long-ass ride on the scooter home from there. Curse you, Whipped Boy, for leaving the 'hood!

There was a time when my two best friends, Whipped Boy & GayBoy, both lived within four blocks of me. It was some good times back then, for sure. Life was evil. I was generally unhappy and lonely and all, but my friends were close and it kept things simple. Then WhippedBoy moved to the east side, and THEN he moved way the hell across town. At least he stayed in the city. Ah, well. Grr.

It's been a very long two days. Yawn. Still, I'm thinking of staying up late to watch The Abyss, which I've never seen and stole when WhippedBoy wasn't looking. Okay, he loaned it to me, but there goes all the mystique. I absolutely know I'll be falling asleep on the couch, if I do. Who sez that's a bad thing?

I'm sitting here with job uncertainties and all that right now, but I had an email from someone who saw my "Hire me 'cuz I'm wicked cool-ass smart-like-dumptruck and you know you want me" posting on Craigslist yesterday, and they want to talk to me about a job possibility, so I need to follow up on that on Monday (but I've sent my resume). It would be a great fit for me, but I dunno if anything'll come of it.

And then there's the potential that my dating life's coming together in the not so distant future, which would be nice, too.

I dunno. Seems like things are looking up a little.

Except this tired-like-the-dead thing I feel right now. And c-c-c-coooold. Brrr!

See, Dad, nothing to worry about. No fear!