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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Whining about Weather

Honestly, this is one of those mornings I'd like to slap all those people who profess to LIKE fall. I sort of do. Really. Just... not right now. Another rainfall warning has been issued for tonight. It has rained, I think, somewhere around 400+ millimetres in the last 10 days. Another 60 or so is called for tonight. (Yesterday they predicted 50 -- it in fact was 85 mm.)

To put this in perspective: Vancouver is in a rainforest, basically, and we get 1200+ mm of rain per year. Yet a THIRD has fallen in 10 days. Say it with me: MOTHERFUCKER. Jesus CHRIST.

Make it stop! Make it stop! Okay. I'm done whining. I'll still scoot today but tomorrow's looking dodgy. Yeesh. Motherfucker.