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Monday, November 20, 2006


But of COURSE it would be victory! I have eradicated the evil moths that have invaded my home.

Due my keen eye and superior powers of observation [I flex my eye at you!] I noticed the moths early. After all, it was four moth-sightings in that I astutely noted this was the beginning of an infestation. Aha! Why, elementary, my dear Watson.

I had seen two in my kitchen, two next to my kitchen, and one in my bathroom. The two in the kitchen were closest to the Raisin Bran.

The Raisin Bran was one of the first things I attacked. A moth in the box, another in the bag. Gone. Inside the box, I later noticed another moth and some eggs, it looked like. GONE so fast.

Nothing else had evidence. I've thrown out some high-risk items, like flour and stuff, but in all, I think it's only about a $40 loss. Not too bad!

Evil moths! Grrr! Just another meaningless step in my march towards total world domination. Notch up another victory for Citizen Steff. [Insert triumphant theme here]