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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fine, No Game, Then

I went through all this effort to try and get a TV for my dad's hospital room, and came home from my hockey game to a message on my phone last night from his nurse -- he doesn't want a TV, doesn't care to watch the Grey Cup game with me or anyone. But he does want a decaf coffee with double cream and an artificial sweetener.

Ha. Well. All right, then, pops. I can deliver.

So I guess I'll watch the end of the game later, when I get home from the visit. Geez, and I was so sure he'd love to see the game. No accounting for whatcha wanna do when you're sick, I guess. C'est la vie. Coffee, indeed.

The weather's not as bad as last Wednesday or last Sunday: 190 millimetres of rain last Sunday, 110 on Wednesday, but the winds are about the same as last Sunday, up to 70. It's bad enough. Fun. Sort of. Blah. Dreary day for travel. Busses and books. First a belly-filling brekkie. Wonder when the boil water advisory is to be lifted. I was wagering closer to Thursday, GayBoy, who works for Starbucks and who is not making any coffee at all right now (most Starbucks have ceased drink production due to water quality issues -- WEIRD) is thinking Tuesday. Hmm.