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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Already?

Blah. I'm bummed my dad's not doing well, but there's not much I can do for him. I'm planning to head out on Sunday to see him, bring a little of Steff-style cheer and support. This sucks, though, and I'm worried like all get-out. The prospect of being parentless is not something I want to be thinking about anytime soon. I hope he can get over this, and I hope it's put a hell of a scare into him so he (and his wife) eats better and changes his lifestyle.

There's a saying, "A true friend is someone who would stay with you when they'd rather be anywhere else." It's nice to be able to stick GayBoy in that category. When I need a friend, I'm not coy about it. I call and I bluntly say, "I need a friend tonight." I don't want to sit around crying or blabbing about how bummed I am, I just want a friend around so I'm not too alone with my thoughts, that's all.

So, GayBoy came over and I talked about things for a few minutes, and that was that. We moved on to food, since he brought the makings of a stirfry with him. Well, I'd been to the Santa Barbara market the other day and bought a bunch of good Mexican food items -- chipotles in abobo sauce, salsa, real corn tortillas, and so forth. While we were waiting on chicken to thaw for stirfry, we grabbed some of my roasted chicken and fudged our way to making some chicken tacos. Shit, they were good. I need to make some for work now.

This Dad thing is frustrating. It's just one thing after another for me, isn't it? I was in a shit mood all day yesterday and couldn't put my finger on why I was so out of sorts. Coming home to get the message about Dad made everything make sense. Pity, but, sigh.

Out of my hands, that much I know. It's one of those health things you gotta do for yourself. But I'll go visit at the least. Sunday.

Now I need coffee. I hurt, hurt, hurt. I did way too many situps on Tuesday, it seems. My entire body's rebelling against me. Stretching... need... now. Ow.