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Saturday, August 19, 2006

What in the Hell?!

There I am, hopped onto my scooter, a little after 12:30am, tired, headed home for a nice toasty sleep.

I'm near East Hastings and Victoria, on a side street, when I see no fewer than what looked to be about forty young people, late teens and early 20s, a couple blocks down the street, walking in mass formation straight down the centre of the road, headed straight for me.

So, I turned and fuckin' zipped out of there like the yellow-belly I am, even though it was probably just some dumb "let's walk down the centre of the street" and "yeah, dude, strength in numbers" moment for those morons, but, hey. We yellow-bellies err on the side of caution, I'll have you know.

Look. Belly. Yellow. Yep. That's me!

OH! AND I ALMOST FORGOT the big drama! I live by one of the busiest intersections in Vancouver. I zipped through, just before 1am, rounded down my alley, slid into my scooter space, hopped off, plunked down the kickstand and SCREEEEECH, BANG! An accident in the very intersection I just whizzed through. So, I was in a decent mood before that, but now I've got this weird stupid little "gosh, lucky me" bit of gratitude going on that's taking the chill off the ride I was underdressed for (considering I had to cross town and all -- there's only one word for it: Nipply).