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Monday, August 14, 2006

Bill Gates as statesman?

I love the guy Bill Gates is becoming. I don't care if he's grooming for a career in politics or whatever it is he might be gunning for, but the guy's new philanthropic ambitions stagger me. He's been a great philanthropist for a while now, but now he's just full-on. It's awesome.

Unlike CNN, who is busy rehashing the chaos of Lebanese trying to return home during the ceasefire, our national news network, CBC Newsworld, is airing the International AIDS Convention's panel with Bill Gates and Bill Clinton. I'm taping it to watch later tonight.

I love Gates' mission on AIDS and education. It's time these things really get the attention they're due. Nice.

It's Monday again, and I hate it. Just to get something off my chest:

I'm choked at a couple friends who've not had the decency to feedback the silly podcast MP3s I sent out last week. Nice. Thanks for that.

Not thrilled about the Monday thing, but all my weeks have begun worse than this of late, so things are looking up. Still too busy, but I'll get by.