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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Later in the day

Well, I finally smiled around noon for the first time today. I was coming back to work when I realized that a particular building near here, the thinnest in the city, is actually the Angelo Calori building. Thin? Calori? Get it? Ah, well, made me smile.

I have made an appointment with my counsellor, and I get to dump on her next Thursday. I also saw my chiropractor and that started me feeling slightly better. I organized the bookshelves at work, and that helped, too. Now I'm about to enter the 8th level of accounting hell, though, and there I'll probably remain for the next couple of weeks. Someone's got to whip this place into shape.

But, yeah, coping's just a bit-by-bit thing. I was hit hard by PMS this morning, and all that shit just combines, you know? I'm cancelling all my plans for the next couple of days so I can just rediscover the definition of "breathing room."

Whew. There's a reason it's called struggle, huh? Wow.