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Friday, August 04, 2006

Today's Cooler Links

This guy should get out more.

And while this guy should get out more, I hope he doesn't, 'cos then he couldn't make cool shit like this.

And someone should take this guy's library card away on general principle. Battlefield Earth should be in no one's top one 100, let alone number three. And while I've read Ayn Rand and agree with *SOME* of her ideas, her writing is crap and the ideas are best digested at age 17, so you can grow the fuck up and expound on her polarized, simplified ideas with a little actual reality.

And I really didn't need to find this site, 'cos I have shit that needs to get done, and now I wanna play with these tests.

If you're wondering where all the links are coming from, I've plugged-in the "stumble upon" plug-in available for Firefox, and now I don't wanna unplug. There's some fun shit out there.

Now, is making a bong out of an apple the trendy new healthy way to smoke yer dope? Hmm. I have none, so I can't try this out.