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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Oops, I Did it Again

I'm watching some Democrat's idea of a funny little take on Republicans, but like so many who muddy the political waters, they do the same damned sin of oversimplifying the negatives so they can be cutesy and funny. It only ever works when you're preaching to the choir, so it's pretty unoriginal in that regard. (Even if I'm in the choir, well, I just wasn't impressed.)

Anyhow, it's got one good line, though: "Smog. It's what's for dinner."

Again, not that original, but it's working for me. (The line, that is. The rest was a let-down, and the music's fucking god-awful.)

But then they went on about gluttony being a sin. And I realized I'm done like dinner, so to speak. I mean, there ain't no heaven in the picture anymore, it would seem. I've so been gluttonous. You could probably even accuse me of pride and lust.

Oh, and sloth. Yeah. I'm a goner. Then there's greed, and wrath, and envy. Shit, dude, toast.

You know, I have to say, out of all the people in history I could have a drink with, Dante Alighieri goes on the "Do not call" list.

It dawns on me that I am lacking information as to the set-up of my new site. I quit. Done, Bertha. Off like a prom dress.