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Friday, August 11, 2006

And then there was sanity

I'm home, and I ain't bloody goin' anywhere. I'm staying put. Praise Jesus.

Instead, I've bought a bottle of wine, I'm having good frozen pizza, and I'm going to watch a little TV as I play with some designs. Today, I signed up for Word Press and I bought webhosting almost.

I was all happy 'cos I'd gone through the whole purchasing process, but then I just remembered that it all failed, and I need to buy it again. Fine, fine.

Still, I'm going to choose the bones of a new template style for my new blog tonight, and I will do a good version of my new banner, and I might get the test site loaded, but I doubt it. Still, I'll make progress.

I'm kinda jazzed about getting started. Tomorrow, I'll ride my bike to work and then around Stanley Park. I'm going to have a mellow home evening tomorrow night, too, but I'll get my exercise in. This way, I can play and work on Sunday.

I wanted to be social tonight, but I just haven't got it in me. I keep joking about the whole cute guys thing, but it's to try and get me stoked about going out. Really, it's not working. Too much effort to try right now. Tuesday night there's a writer thing I might check out. Wednesday is another scooter thing, and I plan to hit that.

This way, I'll enjoy my work week more, and won't mind so much if I stay home on the weekend to work on my projects. It's about finding a better balance, and this will allow me to work more and be more productive when down time comes 'round.

Pizza's done soon. I had no idea I was this hungry. R-r-r-r-r-ravenous!

I'm such a geek. I'm looking forwards to coding a new site. Ooh, geek girl, geek girl. Whatever. It's always challenging, so I'm just digging the challenge. A creative challenge rocks.