For you, the dress code is casual.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Being up before 7 is SO wrong. :P Wah.

But I'm up. I've ironed clothes. I've continued trying to solve the mystery of What In The Fuck Happened To My Sneakers, which continues to baffle the shit out of me. How do SHOES go missing? My place isn't that messy! What in the HELL did I do? How weird!

(Ed. Note: 20 minutes later and the kicks have been found! Stuffed into a bag under a couple of things. What was I thinking? Why are they in a bag? I don't even remember that. Whew! I can stop wearing the Ugly shoes!)

I forgot to mention last night: The Moron I've replaced at my job is in his late 20s and lives in his parent's fucking pool house. Everybody at my office is a child of privilege, but THAT takes the cake. The office manager scoffed at his reaction to my working two jobs and that's how I learned of his habitat. "Yeah, what's he really know anyhow? The guy lives in his parent's pool house," she said.

Most of my friends were raised with money, and they're all cool and down to earth. It's just the pool boys who embitter me.

Coffee time. I'm all out of intravenous drip bags for caffeine, so I'm tapping into my nostomania and French pressing.