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Monday, August 21, 2006

Coolies! Toys!

So, I'm going to be safekeeper of my brother's big fuckin' LCD telly (37" !!!) until some undetermined date, probably sometime in 2007. He's to be coming over soon, when my inconsiderate and bad-at-time-management uncle finally hauls his ass over there, and will be bringing the big shiny TV over here.

Which means my TV, which GayBoy covets because it has the now-obselete option of not only picture-in-picture but TV-Plus TV guide, is going to GayBoy's house.

But what I'm really excited about is that I'm to be the guardian of my mother's china for awhile. My mom had these gorgeous white porcelain dishes that were trimmed in silver. There's something like a setting of 10 or 12, and there are everything from ashtrays through to sideplates and serving platters and covered dishes and all. The only reason my mother decided my brother should have it as her death approached was because he was married at the time. We've never fought over her decisions, and the only thing we've ever waffled on is the one framed sketching my mother once did.

The dishes, though, I've always wished were mine. They won't be, it's just temporary, and I'll return them when my brother decides the time is right, and I'll do so without any fussing, but I'm happy I'll have them for a time.

This means I'll have to have some big dinner party over the coming months. I think this means I'm doing a big Thanksgiving for friends this year. That'll be sweet.

It's been a long time since I've done a big dinner and done it well, but I'll begin expecting that I'll do one. Come October, my life will be in an entirely different place. I'm deciding that September is officially Month of Flux (In A Good Way) and I'm looking forwards to my future, and am no longer loathing my present.

I'm STRESSED OUT, mind you, but I'm in a better place.

And soon I'll have a home theatre. Fuckin' wickid. Time to watch City of God!