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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ENCHILADAS made with cream of chicken soup? Hear THAT? That's the sound of corpses rolling over in their graves all over fuckin' Mexico, hombre! Jesus CHRIST! The Anglicizing of ethnic recipes makes me shudder! Cream of chicken?! Gah! Fuckin' whitey's got it all wrong, mang! Mexican grocer, my ass. Fine, then, if these are the crap recipes the web offers, I'll dig into my authentico Mexican recipe book with the shitty pictures. Mmf!

(After working nearly 11 hours at the office today [thanks to the accountant walking in at 4:30 to train me for three hours] I was nearly dead and went to Red Burrito and overate, and now I want MORE Mexican!) What's que pasain' in my tummy is something worth replicating the home-cookin' way. 'sides, I ain't done ethnic in a bit and I want some other way to express myself than writing, so cookin's a good way to go, and then I gots good lunchies for work. Ooh, now these look yum-yum. Think I gots me a long project tomorrow. I shall report, minions.