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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

groangroangroangroangroan * grin

So much for beef enchiladas. I'll soon be throwing a frozen pizza in the oven (McCain Crescendo with Roasted Chicken and Peppers -- pretty tasty and substantial enough for leftovers for lunch).

I've been catching up on accounting today. The MORON who preceded me at this company didn't ever do any accounting on the computer. Nope! All paper. I'm going through and seeing that this fucking dimwit (or possible embezzler) just had no eye for detail in the least. On top of that, he wracked up hundreds of dollars of expenses in single months at times (anywhere from a minimum of $65 a month up to $1500) and I'm not finding a single fucking copy of a bill attached to his expense statements -- but, boy, did he cash his cheques. He was paid more than me, for starters, and I think he was stealing from the company.

I already got a basic filing system up and running, but he didn't file anything alphabetically. Worse than that, he filed bills and such by month, not by vendor. What an imbecile! Soon I'll be receiving all the paper bills from beyond this April to the company's start last year, and then I'll have to start doing filing for those, too. You have any idea how much I despise stupid people? Immeasurably. That's how much. Stupidity is a good argument for eugenics, people. Fuck, man. (There's your new word of the day, minions: Eugenics. You can insult people and they won't even know it. I love it.)

On top of that, I'm finding errors made by the expensive accountant they use for filing taxes and such. Not that they're big or even significant mistakes, but I'm finding them.

It's very draining, this vast quantity of paperwork. In another week or so I'll have caught it all up and we'll be through the historical data -- and my mind will begin working once again.

In the morning, I'm gonna look at career options with someone, and see what happens. I have to be vague, sadly. When the time comes, hopefully I'll have good news to report. I'm certainly in a better place for things like this right now, so maybe it will work out. Again, vague.

And I have now made a mental note: When living on the top floor, don't forget to close the windows during a roofing job. You wouldn't fucking believe the dirt in here.

Gee. I'm so glad I cleaned last weekend. Now all I can do is "maintain" until I have the time to really clean on the long weekend.

On the upside, I'm pretty much done with the majority of my depression, so instead of coming home and being so depressed and tired I sit my ass down, I've spent the last hour scrubbing counters and such. I'm just tired and drained. Entirely different from depression, and a good night's sleep will certainly help, as will a good jug of water. I'm certainly getting lots done now that I'm finding my stride again. This is probably the first time I've been this productive since last year sometime. Feels bloody weird.

Pizza time! Rock on. OOOOOOOOOH! I even have a beer that I've just remembered, leftover from Sunday. Score! (I'm such a loser. "Score!" is my big word this week. I feel like I'm 14 all over again. Shcore!)