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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Think Not!

I wanted to be a workaholic in the coming couple of weeks, but it's hitting me this morning that I just haven't got it in me to slave for the man that much. The truth of it is, I'll be a workaholic one way or the other, but the way I'm wanting to do it is to do it entirely for me. In September, I have the opportunity to work a lot on the side if I'm wanting to, so why rush it now, when I could enjoy the summer a teeny bit?

I'll still be working six days a week -- I just won't work evenings, too.

But, yeah, being this tired in the morning on the first day of my week? Fuck this. Especially when I have an important appointment in the morning. Yeesh. Yeah, I'm dialing back a little.

I wanna get this podcasting thing coming together and if that means no working in the evenings for the next two weeks, then so be it. Small price to pay for a big personal accomplishment.

And so it means I have to live cheaply again for a bit. Not a problem.