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Saturday, July 22, 2006

undecided but promising, and minty

i have no idea why i'm blogging so much. boredom? nothing's on tv. what the hell, right?

gayboy's left. started watching my new copy of Jarhead. not too bad just yet. a little blacker than i thought it'd be.

we're probably seeing Clerks II in the afternoon, an early evening show. by the time we come out, it'll be getting a little cooler, but will likely suck still. maybe we'll bike. i'm dubious about that; i have a nice bike. sure, we can leave his freebie bike out there, but they will actually put effort into obtaining mine. grr, no.

i think i'm making us some supper. i'm trying to persuade him. for $10, i can pick up a sashimi-grade filet of salmon or something and make some ceviche to go with the gazpacho. i've been wanting to be ballsy enough to make it for a while, so now i'll give it a try. it was what first made me think this fish thing might not be so awful. so, i can make us about $35 worth of restaurant-grade food for about $18 or so. i'll use the leftover money to get a good bottle of white wine.

this'll be my first really nice homecooked meal in a bit, since money's been tight, and i'm pretty enthused about it. he better say yes, the dope. we'll get silly and have a fun night just like we did as kids. bussing, how cute. and sweaty and somewhat smelly.

tomorrow in the day i kill this apartment. bust my ass and get it clean, whatever the temp. then i can focus on cycling and podcasting all this week. the curse of the slacker is abated, and life is returning to normal. wonder twin powers, activate.

(and of course there will be bread. silly.)