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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Huh? Huh? Likey?

Pretty fuckin' snazz, yeah? Meet the new digs, kids. I posted it last night with a too-dark sidebar, but Digitalicat has fixed THAT, too. This is the final product. Whee!

Digi got me giddy by doing all these wonderful fix-its to the underlying template that should now have this place FLAWLESS, baby. Flawless. I'm proud of the outcome, and without Digi's help, it'd still be languishing in the bad place it's been.

So, the design's mine, but the BRILLIANCE... ha, all Digi. Digi, thanks, man. You've been a frickin' godsend, dude.

Now, I have about four or five different banners. I love this one, but I'll display the others over the next couple weeks. This one's cool, though. A train switch I photographed in the spring. All the banners are my photos. The "ratty old caddy" has also been made into a banner and it's tied with this one for being the two coolest. Very fun. I'll post the caddy in a week or so.

I'm probably going to make a few more. I love switching out the banner. It's like dressin' up or something. Matching your socks to your shirt... Heh.