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Monday, August 15, 2005

All the world's aswirl... soon

guy on rink floor small

Where to begin?

I’m running on five hours sleep, which I’m sure is fine for the rest of the world, but doesn’t do much for me. Call me old-fashioned, but I love my rest.

I ran out of dope yesterday. This means last night was the last non-psychedelic dream night for awhile. “Shouldn’t that be the other way around?” you ask.

Well, no. When I’m smoking dope, I have no dreams that I can remember or am even half-conscious of playing on my mind’s theatre. When I stop smoking dope, the subconscious repression, I guess, seems to lift and my dreams become a psychedelic kaleidoscope of swirls and madness. It takes a couple days to slip into that mode, but I suspect the games begin tonight.

It’s a money thing, the no-dope status. But I intend to not buy it for a month or two while I get a fire lit under my ass with submissions and such. Tonight, I edit one thing to send into a certain party for publication. The content isn’t appropriate for here (but oh so appropriate for my other blog. Email me if you want the URL.

Today in my course I get to do Show & Tell for the first time in 20 years. I havne’t done this since I was a kiddie.

We’re all artists so our art is obviously hugely representative of who we are. I’ve got to read a couple things to the class today that reflect my style and such. The two I’ve chosen are the harrowing piece on my mother’s death from a week and a bit ago, and my classic on Tagish Elvis, which I will post here for a repeat read on Wednesday, the real King’s death anniversary.

The photo is one I took during a lunch break from class last week. It was too out of focus, so I manipulated it, but I still love the shot for some stupid reason.

Probably because I feel like that -- alone on a cold floor with a great perspective of the world around me, and totally chill about it all... most of the time. It’s a great way to feel when you’re really taking in the world.

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