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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A couple photos

I'm going to write something uproariously funny, I hope, tomorrow. That, or a rant. But not until later in the day, probably.

Until then, you get a couple photos.

This one goes out to Blog Ho. It's a naughty tree, I think. Looks something like a woman up in one of those S&M swings I've seen in shows I used to work on. Perhaps my imagination is too vivid.

naughty tree small

These guys are morons. If you're operating a meth lab or whatever, maybe you shouldn't have a rusting Caddy in your front yard. And maybe, just maybe, if you've foiled over all the windows, you want to make sure the telltale chemical yellowing from your grow op or meth lab isn't staining the street side of the tinfoil, so your neighbours can't tell you're the neighbourhood drug provider.

My photo of their windows didn't work out, but the Caddy looks cool.

ratty old caddy small

This is the glass dome on the Bloedel Conservatory for exotic plants.

bloedel conservatory small