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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

This bud's for you

This time, I really do got nothing. So, a true cop-out post. But I'll add in some filler, and this cake might just rise yet, man.

Not too far from my place is this local landmark. I think they should only be allowed to sell VW Camper Vans and Vanagons and such, stoner vehicles.

"What do you plan to use your vehicle for?"
"Sorry, we can't help you. And you, sir, what are your plans?"
"Oh, we're cashing our welfare cheques and going to Disneyland!"
"May we interest you in this fine Vanagon? It comes with 'pea' interior and a mint-condition shag. The carpet's nice, too."

bong's motors

And then there's the "Weed Man." He probably runs a profitable business here in Vansterdam.

That's what this city really needs. More dealers that deliver. Really, it's such a hassle busting up your wake'n'bake day to book it down to your dealer's "office."

If he had commercials, the jingle might go like this:

When you're in need
Of primo weed
Just give me a call
And in no time at all
You'll see me and my van
For I am... your Weed Man

(If it was my dope-delivery company, though, I'd name it "Rolling Stoned.")

weed man