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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Black-and-White Abstracts

I need to form a collection of photographs for showing. If there's any that stands out at you, please let me know. Also, I'll soon be telling you how you can buy my shit via PayPal. If any strikes your fancy, you might want to make note. Thanks!
Took an excursion to the downtown eastside today. I took in a little of Chinatown and Gastown, but I mainly did "abstract" photography, so there's no real landmarks per se.

Also, I decided to focus on composition, so I decided to go with black and white only today. The photos don't need much explanation.

A rundown shack in the middle of Chinatown:

flaked paint on window b&w tld

flaked paint on support b&w tld

mossy vines b&w tld

Overlooking a construction site:

metalwork tld

**Do you ever wonder if the people who laid these metal rods into formation realized how beautifully asymmetrical their work would be? There's a beauty to be found in this sort of chaotic order.

The old BC Sugar Refinery on Powell Street:

sugar refinery b&w tld

flower barrel b&w tld

My headlamp:

headlamp with buildings b&w tld

Not really a very good photo, but for some reason amuses me, and I call it "An ominous sign for the vegetarian":

meat store sign b&w tld