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Monday, June 20, 2005

The Celtic Shipyards

Near my place is an old stretch of land by the river where the Celtic Shipyards once operated. Today, it's owned by a band of Native Indians and is used as live/work space for artists. It's in terribly run-down condition, and is now on the books for a development proposal, to be turned into a bunch of luxury condos for those wealthy enough to buy in Vancouver's exclusive Southlands.

The Southlands is the last of the city's agricultural area, and is largely used by horse owners to train and house their animals.

You and I know the petition to save Celtic Shipyards is going to fail. No one's going to do the right thing and preserve what's been started at Celtic. Pity.

This first photo needs to be reshot for a better size format for commercial uses, but it's adequate to share with y'all, and I think it's cool. Yes, it's essentially just a "storefront" with no other walls. Would've been a better shot with clouds in the b/g. These both are from the shipyards.

panther decor small b&w

celtic shipyard office b&w smal

I still don't know whether the money gods are aligning to allow me the funds to do my showing. I should get the news today, at which point I'll need to fly into action. Whee! Stay tuned. Meanwhile, my camera goes everywhere I go.