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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stylin' New Digs

city lights journal
If you're a regular, you'll notice how much less generic-looking this page is. I got ballsy and played with the template.

I kept experiencing disturbances in the HTML force, causing the darksidebar to rebel.

I asked for help from all y'all and two very generous readers responded within the hour. Tattooedbrain got to me first and the repair in the darksidebar is due to his Jedi mind tricks on the template's evil HTML force disruptions. Hmm. I must be getting stoked about the new Star Wars movie.

Tattooedbrain rocks. Thanks, man. You will soon find his link in my coveted links section. Stay tuned. There's just no way in hell I'm opening my template again today.

And you know who you are, you who also offered in the nicest of ways, you also rock. Seriously, instrumental. Thank you, too.

Anyways, all y'all, welcome to the new digs behind the Last Ditch. Gone is the generic Blogger template.

The finger? That's not for you. That's kinda just a "Fuck the Man." I'm a socialist, man. Natch.

Meanwhile... sex and port-a-johns is still a little off. Stay tuned.