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Saturday, April 23, 2005

All the World Loves a Show

GayBoy and I played a lot today. That wasn’t the plan, but then, our friendship’s as weird and fun as it is because we never do make plans.

We spent the afternoon having a couple beers in a pub, riding our scooters around town.

This is my scooter. This was taken at the beach yesterday. This is less than 10 minutes away from downtown Vancouver, people. That is the kind of city this is: fucking stunning.

My scooter
GayBoy & I finished up the day with watching a couple episodes of The Daily Show on tape and a good dose of neighbour-watching.

* * *

Let’s face it. I’m a voyeur.

I mean, I watch my neighbours. If you were my neighbour, I would be watching you.

Why not? There’s glass in my apartment. It’s transparent. Crazy shit, man. I can see right outside.

In fact, my neighbours? Every single frickin’ one of them has a window.

I know. You wouldn’t expect it. In this day and age? Windows? Translucence? That is just crazy shit, you say.

But it is what it is. So I watch. Why not? This seeing-into-other-people’s-lives thing is better than television. Although it’d be better if the volume worked. So, I just glance across. Often. All the time, really. I notice it all.

But I tell you that I’m a bit of a voyeur for a reason. In honour of the start of summer concert season, soon, and perhaps tomorrow, I shall try to write for you an account of the crazy people GayBoy and I saw having sex against the outside back wall of a port-a-john at a concert. For some reason, with 15,000 people around, this went largely unnoticed.

But not by me. I spotted it and told GayBoy I’d give him $5 if they DIDN’T have sex. Sure enough...

And now, now you will get to hear the story. Soon.