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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Elvis Lives, Dudes! Rock on.

HEY! Wicked! I didn't even know this when I'd posted my thingie-thing on Elvis/Gil, but it turns out a documentary was shot on him in 2002-2003, so he's alive, well, and kicking, but lives a little more north now. And is probably every bit the loveable nutjob still.

If you have yet to read the Elvis Dealie, then start with An Introduction to Tagish Elvish and then go read The Making Of... just below this posting. I quite like the story and it's getting good feedback, so check it out. It's not as long of a read as it looks. And shit, man, they made a movie about him, but I knew the dude.

The Elvis Project: A Yukon Road Documentary

Wanna buy the DVD forabout $16 US, then go here. Elvis's DVD documentary at Yukon Books.

Turns out Gil/Elvis has played with Chubby Checker! Also turns out he won a pink Cadillac in Vegas! Wonder if it's the same one I'd seen, that's in the photo down below? Hmm. They ALSO make reference to legal troubles with Hustler magazine, something I knew nothing about and can't find in my quick search on Google.

I'll post something new tomorrow, likely, and it will include the content and comment from today's deleted post--sorry, Omar, but you'll be back. I'll save you the suspense, though: I know for a fact that GayBoy has and does salivate for Dean Cain. I think he's a hottie, too. We both lament not seeing him in tights on cable TV on a regular basis. We have discussed this heartbreak in the past.