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Friday, August 01, 2008

Me! Whee!

So, I've finally crossed that threshold with lifting weights where it's no longer bothering my many-cases-whiplash neck... and holy shit are the results awesome after only a week of really kicking it up. My face is looking better, leaner, dare I say almost getting angular?

My shoulders are awesome and all my jackets are not hugging around my shoulders/biceps anymore. It's crazy! I mean, I'm seeing serious change in myself these days. Happy! HAPPY. Tomorrow I weigh myself now that I'm at the end of my period, so we'll see if I'm down the 5 or 6 pounds I think I am since last weigh-in.

And, if not, I can tell myself it's muscle. ;)

But I'm so fucking glad I'm getting more powerful in my upper body! AWESOME. Yay, yay, yay. Plus, I'm finally well enough to try cycling tomorrow for the first time in two weeks. I'm feeling doughy. Must cycle! I've not done *any* cardio -- barely even any walking -- in 2 weeks. Bad Steff.

But my arms are rockin'! Whoop, there it is!

(PS: "Me! Whee!" is Mohammad Ali's infamously short poem.)