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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Primary Fun for Everyone!
(Uht-oh! She's politicking again.)

Well, I can't say I'm disappointed in the latest primaries down south. Yeah, I'm totally into this Obama message of change, but I've been a pretty big Hillary Clinton fan for a while now. In a perfect scenario, I'd like to see her leading the ticket with Obama her choice for running mate.

Part of it is that I think her records speak for themselves, and her passion for her deeds may be questioned by some, but I think it's pretty evident, and she's pretty straight-up, really, and a hell of a tactician, with good common sense in governing.

And part of it is that I think Obama has much to learn, and with the hard times I suspect stand ahead for the USA, I don't think he's leader enough to get the job done. Some say a recession of no compare lies in wait for the Yanks as the mortgage industry bends over and readies to take one and inflation digs in.

George Bush, clearly, was not leader enough, and look where that's gotten the country, eh? Paddle-less in a shit-filled creek.

And part of it is that I really don't think the USA's ready for it yet. The race divide is still too polarized. Like one old man said on the record for CNN, "He seems like such a nice young man. I just don't want to see him get shot", all matter-of-fact like. That beliefs like that still linger, that fears like that can still be spoken... well, yeah. I think race is still a problem, a big one.

And we got enough martyrs, thanks. VP for Obama works for me. Hope it works for Clinton, too. That'd be fucking wild. A woman and a black man on the same ticket. I think it's possible the country's ready for that, but only 'cos she's been to the dance as First Woman before. I don't think any other woman could do it, not yet. Wish I was wrong on that.


I know I wrote a really stoked posting about Obama when he smoked his first primary, but lemme clarify that. I think it's really, really exciting his message of change is getting met with such enthusiasm. It's time, man. I hope that continues. I hope the race is really, really tight for him and Clinton. I think the message of "we want change" needs to be heard loud and clear by the pundits and the pollsters and the other politicians. Maybe Obama's spouting rhetoric. That's not important. That the element is there and the drum of change is being banged loudly, that's what is of utmost importance. Having that makes the election kind of have to face that reality: People want change. The debate is open. Grab a beer and pull up a stool. Gots us some talkin' to do.

The American people have STUNNED me with their apathy towards the war, their silence on Sudan, their refusal to demand Bush be investigated for all his amazing faux pas. I mean, Katrina's gone from consciousness. It's madness. Hello? Accountability? Anyone? Anyone? Not in the good ol' USA! That they're finally putting their vote where their mouths are is a bit shocking to me, honestly, and I welcome it.

But the people of the USA needs to take its blinders off and see what a death knell their plummeting dollar is, combined with joblessness, subprime disasters, skyrocketing inflation, and defaulted loans left, right, and centre. They need to realize that this "most important country in the world" mantra we're always hearing really is, this time, true. They ARE the most important country, and that they're coming apart at the seams in such a horribly rapid way is terrifying to most of the rest of the world. It's the global equivalent of "Why, if it can happen to them, how's it not gonna happen to us?"

Americans need to elect someone serious, someone who's going to focus on the issues that really need solving and put age-old controveries like abortion on ice for a while, no matter how strong their religious swayings are (goes double for Romney).

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