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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mm, What is that Foul Stench?

Why, I think it's Eau de Sick.

My mother, rest her soul, could smell "sick" on me before I even knew it'd hit me. How dare the universe take my early warning system away? Now I have to wait until I actually feel sick before I know I'm sick. How cruel and surprising!

Ha. Well, she's on my mind. I've just pulled my fleece "I'm sick" sweater on and can smell that whiff of musty "someone must be sick" scent on it, and now she's stuck in my mind. But not in a bad way.

I'm making my INFAMOUS chicken stock tonight. I can't believe I've only been making chicken stock for a year-ish. I'm so damned good at it. Hardy-har-har. But, seriously, it's good stuff. I'm looking forwards to making some easy chicken soup after I get home tomorrow night. My boss has told me I'm off the hook for Friday and Monday, one day for getting over what ails me and the other for tying up loose ends at ye olde jobbie. (But I have a hot date with making an 18-bean and chorizo/chicken invent-a-soup this weekend. I think I'll put a blindfold on and just hurtle things into a pot and see how it tastes.)

So, this means I get a four-day weekend for my birthday weekend, but I don't expect I'll be up to a lot of hijinks... which is fine by me, I'm not feeling particularly hijinkish, with or without the illness. I was feeling more "must do MY shit for MOI" for the weekend anyhow, and I guess this just throws emphasis back on plan "A".

Hey, didja hear? Quotes are the new bold. Who knew?

I actually hate it when people over-use quotes. Makes me wanna bitch-slap 'em into some back page of The Chicago Manual of Style, but I was captioning a bunch of shows that had tonnes of quotes in 'em today. You know, rednecks who don't know how to say "say" and who instead say things like, "And I was like, "Bob, you don't mean that" and he was, "Yes, I do" ", and fun things like that.

I was also noticing some brief look at an article of late that pointed out how businesses are starting to put quotes around their names on their business signs, and just noticed my first such brilliant business awning tonight. And you put quotes there WHY? Because we didn't KNOW you made that shitty pun of a name up? C'mon! Fucking people, man. You gotta wonder what alien mind probe came along and extracted all their common sense, don'tcha?

Anyhow. As I was saying. I have chicken stock to finish, then my ass is getting introduced to this couch I know. I have a suspicion they're gonna hit it off famously and will be sleeping together before we know it. Just sayin'.

Have a better night than me, boys and girls.