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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Recent Pics

Some photos snapped of late. Dumped some 300 onto the 'puter before shooting another 150 today of the Pride Parade, which you'll see another time.

I call this one "understandably drydocked". I fuckin' love old boats. They look so cool. We had one in my driveway for years. Sigh. /nostalgia off

C'mon. Who can resist writing in the sand at the beach? I went for irony.

St. George's School for Boys. Spooky looking. Any ghosts roaming them thar walls you can tell us of, Whipped Boy?

The cutest stilted little house on the river.

Screw lunch! Give me jellybeans!

The Murakami House.

There was this PSA that won some medals in the "World's Best Commercials" compilation they used to air every Xmas at the Ridge Theatre. It had this huge monster stump with arrows pointing to dots along the rings on which years were written next to the monumental event.

Things like, "The birth of Beethoven", "The great fire of London" (16th c), "1492 - Columbus discovers America", etc. Then, finally, pointing at an outer ring, the year 1967, "The birth of the motherfucker who cut down this tree."

So you know what I'm thinking when I see this one.

I dunno what kinda flower this is (not a "flowers" girl) but it sure is purty.