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Monday, June 25, 2007

Food Day

It's a foodie day. I'm vegging with Lord of the Rings this morning (Two Towers; Return of the King will be my evening fare) and then plan to attack the Granville Isle market.

Chicken will be the highly prized bounty. A six- or seven-pound birdie for roasting. I will also hope to score some basil on the cheap, in which case I shall make my sundried tomato-garlic-basil butter for use in sandwiches and other good eats. My plan is to mix some with dijon and mayo for a funky sandwich topping, but I will also use it under the skin of chicken when roasting them. Makes for wicked sandwiches.

I'm going to make a radical departure and start having Wasawiches instead of sandwiches. You know that dry Wasa flatbread/cracker? Well, Oprah's apparently addicted and suggested an open-faced sandwich with a slice of processed meat, some light mayo, tomato, cheese and basil. I'm gonna try it and take it up a notch with my flavoured mayo I'll be making, as well as the home-roasted chicken breast, and then I'll broil it with some provolone.

That and a salad might be enough to fool myself into thinking I'm living it large still. I have been eating much better lately, after a bad crap-infested few weeks. Now I want to continue the path. I've had some fish of late, and I've also been having salads with meat and homemade croutons instead of toast or what have you. (The homemade croutons are sprayed with olive oil in one of those pressure pumps, or the upscale low-fat cookng sprays, and then seasoned and sauted. Much less fat than say a garlic bread, but just as fulfilling as a guilt food.)

So, yes, I'm off to do foodie shopping, but with a really healthy focus. Not depriving myself of anything, just repackaging it for fewer calories. I don't do the diet thing, just the make better choices thing. I will start controlling portions, though, because that's my present bane of existence. Mm! Food! Must eat all! Duh. It seems so wrong to have exercise self-control. Oh well.

My movie awaits. The Uruk-hai attack on Helm's Deep is about to commence. I thought I'd take a breather before the hardcore bit. Looooove this battle sequence! So gratuitous.