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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Busted: Paris

Poor little Paris Hilton's on suicide watch. Aww. Wah.

She's got 40 days to do, with every fourth or fifth day of good behaviour being one less day on the sentance, so possibly as low as 30 days.

What's really happening though is that the dimwitted twit is getting her reality cheque. Life isn't where you get to be as irresponsible as you want, ignore judges' orders, and go rampaging on drugs and booze behind the wheels of luxury cars.

Well, okay, for some it is. But sometimes sombody says "no!" and makes a token celebrity into a poster child for the "Well, THIS is just too much" morality/sin-balancing campaign. This time, Paris, it's your turn, beyotch.

Boo-fucking-hoo. Someone imposed some punishment on the little diva. We should all be so troubled. I got no sympathy. Pay the fucking piper, then go back to your blessed silver-spoon-in-mouth lifestyle with the papparazzi glued to your footpath.

I have real people to feel sorry for, but thanks for the chuckle. Seeing Paris sobbing like the plastic wench she is in that copper's back seat was worth TEN BMWs getting towed out of Yaletown, dude.

Me? Petty? Cheap fits my budget. I get my kicks where I can.