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Thursday, June 14, 2007

testing, testing... 1-2-3...

less than 24 hours from now, i'll be finally getting my eyes tested for the first time in 7 years.

the last time i went to my eye doctor, my mother had just died and my tear duct had closed up, causing my lid to swell and have almost a cyst-like bump, which then caused the window of my eye to change, and nearly permanently affected my vision. i had surgery for it (flipping the lid up, slitting to release the fluid, et al... not as bad as it sounds, oddly) and had to get a friend of my mother's to take me home. it was the first time i really knew how much my life had changed. mom wouldn't be there for me when i had a need-mommy moment anymore.

weird to think about that after all these years. going there is almost like a personal accomplishment, because i'm finally financially able to get what i really have needed for a long time -- a new prescription. i know my eyes have worsened. i know the news won't be very good.

but at least i can afford to take action. that's nice.

i want to get a pair of sleek moschino red specs that'll really make my green eyes pop, so hopefully my optician carries the ones i'm lusting after from Costco.


i'm pretty spent. another long week at work. i'm doing well and trying my darnedest to be on top of everything, and i think i'm making it happen. one more week and it'll all be done with.

then it's on to another whole new experience there. the further i get into my employment, the more i realize just how right my boss is -- it's a full year learning curve. whew. no shit, batman. some 1,600 kids, 700 families, and i'm leading the troops into the fray. how i rock.

it was nice. the year-end program lists all the office admin, too, and the program came to us for proofing with me listed as office administrator, and i said nothing, but noticed later that the boss corrected it to read that i'm the manager. watch me flex, baby.

tomorrow i have to get cracking as i have this weekend to write all the narration for the stage adaptation my school's doing at a major theatre next week. means i have a little homework to do on the history of the book we're doing, too, which will be interesting and used for the intro narration to give all the audience a crash course.

plus, i want to burn a few cds and update the fucking iPod via the old laptop since all my fuckin' attempts to format my goddamned first-gen motherfucker of a Mini have failed. back to the old inefficient friggin' music transferring system. but imagine how damned cool it'll be to get to ride to work monday with new muzik. ohho. i'll take two!

looks like another anti-social weekend looms -- save for the party i get to crash saturday night. some damage will likely happen there. heh heh. all good. allllll good.

good god. how i want it to be june 25th! then work will have one week of transition before the silence of summer falls on the office. how sweet thy sound.

now it's time to go for another sweet sound -- the sizzle of a steak on the grill. ribeye, anyone?