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Monday, February 26, 2007

Quote of the Day

"Sid Vicious was not a doomed lost soul, (nor) a society or sub-cultural casualty... just a mediocre asshole."

-Stranger Magazine.

A better writer would've written it better, but that's what editors are for, so blame the editor and the writer both. Shoot 'em. I liked the sentiment, though.

See, my stab would've been more of "Sid Vicious wasn't a doomed, lost soul. He wasn't a casualty of his times. He was just another mediocre asshole. (With a microphone.)"

Still. Good bones. Something to work with. Mediocre asshole.

You're not even a good asshole. Mediocre. Cut-rate. You're in the bargain bin at the dollar store, baby. You and your fucking swastika t-shirt.

(Oh, and there's a fickle pickle: What of this drive to reclaim the swastika? Oy vey!)