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Friday, January 05, 2007


So, a massive storm's blowing through tonight. Snow, then rain, then just clouds, and now a big-ass mo-fo of a storm with winds that just ERUPTED about 20 minutes ago.

I heard BANG, CRASH, CRASH, THUD, THWACK, WHOOSH, WHOOSH. The windows SLAMMED open -- both the living room and kitchen, which are right on the path of the wind. It's roaring out there now. My rice cannisters, two of 'em, blew down off the windowsill and bounced around. Geez. It's a gusher!

No fucking WONDER I had a migraine today!

Kinda fun being home for it now. Especially with the head all settled down. I'll be turning in early despite it, unless I decide the spooky sounds of wind are worth staying up late for. Tee hee.