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Friday, January 05, 2007

groangroangroan grumblegrumble moan

Oh, my freakin' head. I have a migraine. I think it's because of this FUCKING SNOW that came out of nowhere overnight. The weathermen missed this one. Doppler, anyone? Jesus.

And I had a phone job interview just now that I was able to Pretend to Be Vaguely Human for and the "fifteen minute" interview was 35 minutes. Always a good sign. I'll hear more next week. As always, I expect a follow-up. It's a three-interview process and sounds like a neat opportunity. A small 5-person office with full benefits. Now THAT is unusual, and speaks a lot about a positive work culture, something I'm a big fan of.

I'm staying home because my head's throbbing and the snow would mean bussing. To atone for my sins, I will work a full day tomorrow or Sunday. Meanwhile, this ass is back under the covers before long. Not to sleep, because I had to force two cups of coffee into me from eight to nine so I'd be somewhat coherent. Did the trick, shockingly, so now I'm wired AND in pain. Nice!

I'm almost positive it's a weather migraine though. The gift of the fucking Pacific, my friends.

I was talking to Dad last night and realized mid-conversation that I haven't really had solid, reliable employment for three years now. Three years! My job in that time has always had the threat of slow seasons, et cetera. I had a couple periods of slow, slow seasons where layoff was imminent, then I did get laid off, then I went back, blah, blah, blah. But they are good people there, and it's a great team, and the job's relatively low stress other than the not-bankable-longterm thingie, so, I've gone with the flow.

THREE YEARS. Suddenly the notion of a good, stable, reliable job is sexier than Brad Pitt naked under a waterfall, y'know? "Going with the flow" is great, but sooner or later, the illusion of control over destiny starts to seem like a enviable thing. I'd like to think I can control my own destiny for just a little while. The flow's wearing thin.

I'm glad I cleaned my place up last night -- I'm trying to not go more than a day without picking up after myself. New Year's Resolution number 12 or something. Now that it's clean, I can go lie down. Yay.

Which is the plan. Happy Friday people. And fuck off, snow. (Ironically, I took down my door sign that reads "Let it Snow" yesterday. Doesn't ANYONE listen to me? C'mon, weather, you're unwanted here! Giddouttahere.)

Meanwhile, watch this if you're looking for a chuckle. Spiders on drugs, anyone?