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Friday, September 01, 2006

But I Don't Wanna Go!


I have to work. :(

I don't wanna!

I wanna lie on a beach -- on my couch -- in my bed -- on the grass under a tree -- on a beach by the sea -- on my floor!

I don't care where. Anywhere, anything but working. Sigh. Might be a shorter day, though!

And I've made muffins, but I think I don't like Soy-blueberry. I need to try other wheat alternatives. I think soy would be all right in addition to something less odd, but they're not that bad. Pretty good. There's just this distinct aftertaste that I tried to negate by blending soy milk with blueberries to give more flavour to the batter, but it wasn't enough. Cinnamon might've been a great addition (tends to heighten blueberry tastes, I find, and is an oft-added secret ingredient by yours truly).

It's just hard to reconcile these muffies against the fact that I normally make whizz-bang good blueberry muffins. Really, some of the best blueberry muffins you'll ever nosh on. It's hard to make something that tastes less yummy but is healthier and then say, "Oh, but it's GOOD for me." Who gives a shit? I'm a hedonist! I'm here to enjoy the party, not benefit from it, you know?

But I'll consult with my wheat-allergic coworker to see what flours she thinks works the best, and next time I'll try changing the mix. I'm tired of all the wheat I've been eating, sine I'm noticing how heavy it makes me feel afterwards despite the fact that I LOVE to eat it, and now that I've had the experience of eating some decent wheat-free muffins, I've been stunned at the difference felt in my body, so I see the benefits (even if I am indeed a hedonistic chickie) and I'd like to continue that way. (For instance, I feel full after one muffin, and I feel less heavy despite it. Strange!)

Funny, I'm starting to eat more veggies and stuff, so maybe there's a dietary future for me now. I've actually begun to like broccoli, for instance, which never worked for me before. (A teaspoon or so of butter, a tablespoon of water, a small saute pan with a lid. Put little florets in, toss them to coat with butter/water, sprinkle kosher salt on, put a lid on, medium heat, and come back in five. Really tasty, and you don't boil out the vitamins, and it's not as bland as straight steaming is. Delish!)

Sigh. I have a job to do. I get to edit my report, edit our website, and begin making my brain melt as I figure out the sales tax owed by a company we just sold. Today will be a fork-in-eye day, I think. Maybe not. Maybe a good day. I'm bringing muffins. Muffins always make coworkers more enjoyable. Surprising. (Or not.)

I love bribing good will out of people via food, and since they're all health nuts, they'll probably enjoy the food. My boss has lost more than 100 lbs this year, and my manager has discovered she's allergic to wheat so she's eating some pretty amazingly healthy stuff and is very conscious of what goes into her, so that's a great environment for a still-overweight girl like me to be in, especially given that the weight I've lost has been from exercising, not really changing my eating except for maybe eating a little less of the crap I eat. But now I'm slowly becoming more conscious of what's in things, hence the soy experiments.

I will continue the baking experiments, and will report on the best healthy variation of blueberry muffins when I come upon them. (Also, I cut out 40% of the sugar in this recipe, so that might've been part of the problem. Hmm. Still, a good move. They're MUFFINS, not CAKE, right? Geezus.)