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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sadly lacking, always yearning

I lived in the Yukon for a year, and have spent a couple weeks exploring the Tofino region of BC, and these photos make my heart yearn to return to isolation for a few months. God, how much I would love that right now. The city feels so soulless. I've never believed in the possibility of god like I did when I lived in the north. Something about that land makes you feel a fool to doubt the existence of something wondrous enough to have made all that. How lucky we are. How ignorant we are. Fucking cityfolk. If/when my writing becomes enough to live on, I may just pack this shit all in and find that home I've always dreamed of. Cliche? Perhaps. Not in my mind, though. In my mind it all makes sense. One day. It's always one day. Yet in another nine or ten hours I'll be riding again through the poorest, most lamentable and afflicted neighbourhood in this city, if not this country. It saddens me every time. Maybe I'll go into the woods tomorrow after work.