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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


A steak looms. Actually, it's getting ready for a heady night, sitting there on my counter, my steak spice melding ever so sexily with it. Quite happy about this, a $6 ribeye. From Uruguay, no less. Free range, even. At least I know it died with a smile on its face.

After all, there are Iraqis dying every day for freedom, and my steak died with it. What a testimony to freedom: my steak.

Yeah, okay, maybe I'm overselling it, but dammit, man, I bought this thing on Monday, for god's sake, and GayBoy arrived with kung-pow, thus the ambitious grilling plans were turfed. Last night I didn't get home till 8, and a steak would've been too much, and I had an important appointment this morning, so being too full worried me a bit. And today I cancelled tutoring, and now I'm going to soon grill a steak, and have some salad and some toasted sourdough garlic bread with it.

About fucking time I have a nice meal.

You know, I need to buy a timer. Some time later I can picture GayBoy sitting at home, petting his pussy, and pumping an animate other hand at the computer screen as he reads this: "See! You need a timer! I keep telling you -- TIMER. It's easier!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what? I practically never burn shit, and a timer ain't gonna up those odds. What I want it for is steaks! I need more precision, more system. I'm not consistent enough with steak like I am with everything else. Unless I'm panroasting, then I tend to be spot on.

Anyhow. My night is looking up. I also feel better -- I didn't realize how much my asthma was bothering me. I might be smoking dope, but I'm not smoking THAT MUCH, and I've only been smoking a few days now, so, yeah, it's just that we had a bad heat wave and the air quality's been the shits ever since, and even though yesterday's rains might've helped, the damage has been done, so a little medicine and whammo, I felt 50% more alert than I have in a couple weeks, actually. Geez. Who knew?

Rockstar's on tonight. And an early night to bed, methinks, if I can manage that. A little time would be nice, too, with just quiet. Oh, tomorrow? A Mehndi Ceremony at my new boss's place. It's essentially an Indian pre-wedding ceremony. I don't know what to expect, though, since it sounds like it's all same-sex stuff, but I've never met his woman, so that would be odd. But we'll see. I'm sure it'll be pretty awesome. I love culture but seldom get to experience real invitations into those different little worlds, so I'm pretty jazzed. It'll be nice.