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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Last Afternoon

I've done nothing of any consequence and now must leave to go tutor for a couple hours. We're reading about dragons. It's sure to be entertaining. The kids know their time with me is limited now, and they may not have me in their lives soon. I think they're trying to get the best of it.

All I've done today was deal with a couple financial scenarios and make muffins. Starting tomorrow, I join the ranks of the employed. Wisely, I'm keeping my options open. We fall into these ruts where we feel obligated to our employers. It's easy to forget that we're in this life for us, and it's hard to balance ethics with ambition.

These days, my ambition is winning out over my ethics. I'll take whatever gets me furthest and pays the best, is my line of thinking. We'll see how it shakes out. I'm tired of complacently accepting what life doles out to me.

I'm realizing my life will turn into a rat race pretty quickly. I'll be a hamster spinning my wheel, at best. Fitting in moments with loved ones, and working for the man night & day. I see my train a-comin' and I just don't have no place else to go, but where it's goin'. Life is what it is.

Anyhow, most of my ESL students have fled the country to vacation in their homelands over the summer. One that left, I was in their washroom last Friday and finally decided to tell them about one of their shampoos.

The funny thing about people who can't speak English is how much they look for shirts and products with English on them. If it says English, it must be quality!

This lady has this shampoo that pledges to turn even the driest of hair into an oasis of softness and wonderment, right? What's it called, in English?


So, I told her and explained that a "naive" person "will believe almost anything you tell them." Naturally, she burst into hysterics, but it goes to show you, man.

(Just like how "Evian" water backwards spells Naive. You wanna spend $3 on tap water, knock yourself the fuck out. I'd rather gas up my scooter, thanks.)