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Thursday, June 02, 2005

the view from vanier

this photo was taken last saturday on the shores of vanier park, where the annual shakespeare bard-on-the-beach festival is held in tents.

it was in the 90s (32) here last saturday when i shot this photo. there's a certain spent beauty in everyone on days like that in a place like this. everyone's rollerblading, cycling, running. it looks like everyone's just had sex. that kinda "whew, but whew" kinda feel about 'em.

this guy in the bottom right looked like he'd just staggered in from a long night of hard work. but you look at what he sees, and you know he's feeling all right.

i'm gonna shake up the mix this weekend, maybe, with some photos of our so-called "historic" area-- that means 1890s, folks. one thing about this area, if we didn't have the nature, it'd be one of the shallowest places on earth.

historic area and maybe chinatown, if i can get gayboy to come out and play with me.

vancouver-vanier park view-tld