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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Wastelands: Abstracted.

(There's a great Star Wars "Fucking Amateurs" story two posts down, and the next one's an okay read, too, so no neglecting the other posts, kids.)

Sigh. Had a great ride again tonight, conjured these photos. Lost my wallet in the process. But the upside was, the camera was in the same pocket as the wallet, in my bag, so if you're gonna lose something, lose the wallet, right? Right.

These are all abstract photos. I've never mentioned that one of my favourite photographers is a dude named Charles Scheeler, who shot industrialization photos in the early 20th Century. I saw his work at San Francisco's MOMA, but I'd been shooting stuff with that flavour for a few years. It just crystalized my liking of it, though.

As I've said before, I love shooting in my local wastelands on Sundays because you're privvy to things you'd never see during the bustle of the work week. Today, I walked around some of the workyards that should normally be locked or off-limits. Always a good time.

This is the grating to be used to wire-frame the ribs of what will eventually be concrete tunnel sections for sewage lines and such.

rusted grating-tld

These are concrete discs. For what, I don't know. Probably manhole-type deals.

concrete discs-tld

These are more metal ribs for future concrete tunnel sections, followed by the finished full-meal deal.

wired geometry-ribs

concrete tunnels-tld

And steel framing for a new building going up on False Creek.