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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Photos: Stanley Park and... Around

I fucking love my city. Passionately. You just don’t get it better than this, my friend.

Today was a killer good day. Hot, sunny, with that constant ocean wind breezing through the city.

I took my bike to work, did a 20km ride after work (10 before), and took some groovy photos of the hometown I love so frickin’ much.

Stanley Park is in the heart of downtown Vancouver. In fact, right off the edge of the park is an area of town with some of the densest per-square-foot population in the world. English Bay and Stanley Park are just mind-boggling beautiful.

Today was no exception.

Right after I leave my office, I always pass Granville Island, located under Granville Bridge.

granville bridge-tld

This photo is the start of English Bay. Heading towards Stanley Park. To the right, before and after the buildings you see in the corner, is where one of the densest populations (per square-foot) in the world. But you’d never know it. Every street is lined with tree canopies. What a town.

english bay-pacific--tld

Not too far along is the rightful start of Stanley Park, after which you’ll hit this nice shady running/cycling path that joins up down below the railing on the famous Vancouver sea wall.

shady seawall-tld

Along this stretch is where you’d find Rock Guy, as I lovingly call him. Some mysterious Vancouverite who you might, if you’re lucky, find at the crack of dawn, making these rock sculptures all over the rocky shores of Stanley Park and Granville Island. This stone below it reads, “Love is the unconditional desire to do good.” I’ve known about this rock for years and have always, always loved happening upon it.

unconditional love rock-tld

Also in Stanley Park, and because everyone needs a cliched lighthouse photo;


Seagulls annoy me, but I love them. Here I’m just hangin’ with the birds.


If you haven’t been to Vancouver, you’re missing out. God, I love my town.